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The bad impacts of deforestation!

The growing demand for the forest products and the conversion of the forest to agriculture by humans is the main reason for the increase in deforestation on the global basis. The world is losing more than 9 million hectares per year. Deforestation doesn’t only affect the climate but also increases the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which is harmful for all the living creatures on earth. Various other impacts include floods, depletion, soil degradation and also extinction of various plants and animals.

Deforestation has been one of the major causes which has led to many destructions like forest fire, rainforests are continuously falling, microorganisms are perishing and also many animals and plants are extinguishing. The wildlife has been affected in mass due to the deforestation and its bad impacts. Losing few plants and animals should be a big concern and mankind is standing to lose even more. The rainforests have turned out to be even more humid and has led to elusive wildlife.

With massive deforestation happening in different countries, we are ultimately destroying many tropical forests and we as humans are risking our own quality of life. We are apparently gambling with the stability of climate and also trying to affect the weather behaviours. The biological diversity has been affected and also many valuable services have been undermined. This has led to massive environmental degradation and we have reached a crisis level where entire systems are collapsing.

There has been continuous loss of natural systems which has made the human activities even more vulnerable to various ecological surprises in future. Deforestation has cause huge climatic changes in the world. The tropical rainforests have been hugely impacted which has led to effect on the global climate and also a greater impact on the bio diversity.

There have been many local and regional consequences of deforestation. The forest has been totally soaked down and has led to destructive floods and drought cycles which apparently occur when the forests are cleared. It is important that we acknowledge people about deforestation and its bad impacts. People should understand it’s causes and take measures in order to help in creating a better nature.

There are various solutions to combat deforestation globally. For every tree is cut, twice the number of plants must be planted in its place. The water catchment areas should be left as it is. And also, only the soft wood trees must be used for furniture and other purposes. Together, we can control this situation for the betterment of mother nature.

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